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Walter Herter
Walter Herter
2 anni fa

Hi, I have read with great interest your excellent article regarding the Alfa Romeo P2.
My question: are you aware that the mentioned 4-leaf clover had only 3 leaves during the 1925 season (see attached picture)? Do you know why? In 1924 and after 1925, there were always 4 leaves, but not in 1925? Perhaps Sivocci’s death end of 1923? But why one year later only?

1925 belgian gp - giuseppe campari (alfa-romeo p2) 2nd.jpg
Walter Herter
Walter Herter
2 anni fa
Reply to  Stefano

Hi Stefano, thanks a lot for your comment and explanation about the 3-leaf clover. Could make sense, I think. I am the proud owner of enclosed CIJ Alfa, dating from the early 30ies, sporting such a 3-leaf clover. The first series of this great toy came out in the second half of 1925, therefore with the correct 3-leaf clover and Ascaris racing number 2, winning at Spa.
Thanks again and all the best.